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ORDINATECHNIC.com is brought to you by a Linux user and enthusiast in search of the perfect workstation to be a modern spiritual successor to the UNIX workstation of the 90s. This search is documented on the website in the form of in-depth distribution reviews of installations on bare metal configured for real world use, and not cursory overviews of VirtualBox installations. In the course of evaluating distributions, whatever is learned is published as guides. We also publish shorter blog posts about the Linux experience and, occasionally, some opinions and product reviews that might be of interest to Linux users.

We bring you all this from a platform that is maintained by us. We don't use a free platform like Blogger or WordPress with free or purchased theme, but develop our own continually refined theme. We also administer our own VPS.

This costs in terms of time and effort, not to mention the monetary costs of VPS service fees and domain registration.

All of this is done not only for our personal benefit but in the hope of providing a benefit to the Linux enthusiast and user community.

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