Clear Linux

Clear Linux is an original GNU/Linux distribution developed by Intel that is optimized for the Intel Architecture and is primarily targeted to use as a platform for containerized applications.

Estimated UsageUnknown
Inception YearJan. 1, 2015, midnight
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Documentation Portal
Development Portal
Distribution BaseIndependent/Original
Architectures64-bit PC (AMD64, Intel 64, x86_64)
Init Systemsystemd
C Standard LibraryGNU C Standard Library (glibc)
Distribution Default Package Format
Distribution Default Low Level Package Manager
Distribution Default Package Manager Database
Distribution Default CLI Binary Package Managerswupd
Distribution Default GUI Binary Package Manager
Distribution Default CLI Source Package Manager
Distribution Default GUI Source Package Manager
Distribution Default Build System


LogoDistribution Edition ScreenshotEditionRelease TypeRelease FrequencyDistribution BaseDesktop Environment
Clear Linux [Default]RollingNoneIndependent/OriginalGNOME

Reviewed Releases

LogoRelease ScreenshotRelease NameRelease VersionRelease Distribution EditionRelease DateReview Publication DateReview Title
None28210Clear Linux [Default]NoneJune 4, 2019, noonClear Linux 28210 Review