KaOS is a KDE Plasma focused conservatively rolling release distribution primarily built upon Arch tools for packaging and package management. While using Arch tools it is not the typical Arch based distributions. It builds its own kernel and packages and hosts its own repositories. It also provides a community distribution with a sophisticated and user friendly online discovery portal. It develops a community package helper program that has a command line interface as well as integration into the default GUI package manager Octopi.
Estimated UsageUnknown
Inception YearDec. 1, 2013, midnight
CountryUnited States of America
Download Portalhttps://kaosx.us/pages/download/
Documentation Portalhttps://kaosx.us/docs/
Development PortalNone
Distribution BaseArch Linux
Architectures64-bit PC (AMD64, Intel 64, x86_64)
Init Systemsystemd
C Standard LibraryGNU C Standard Library (glibc)
Distribution Default Package Format.pkg.tar.xz
Distribution Default Low Level Package Manager
Distribution Default Package Manager Database
Distribution Default CLI Binary Package Managerpacman
Distribution Default GUI Binary Package ManagerOctopi
Distribution Default CLI Source Package Manager
Distribution Default GUI Source Package Manager
Distribution Default Build Systemmakepkg


LogoDistribution Edition ScreenshotEditionRelease TypeRelease FrequencyDistribution BaseDesktop Environment
KaOS DefaultNoneNoneIndependent/Original

Reviewed Releases

LogoRelease ScreenshotRelease NameRelease VersionRelease Distribution EditionRelease DateReview Publication DateReview Title
NoneNoneOct. 31, 2019Nov. 29, 2019, 6 p.m.KaOS Review [2019.10 Release]