Void Linux

Void Linux is an independent and original rolling distribution with some unique features, including the use of the runit init system and service manager as opposed to the common systemd, the availability of a system built with the Musl C Standard Library as opposed to GNU Lib C, and a source package build system and manager that is integrated into the binary package manager.

Estimated UsageUnknown
Inception YearJan. 1, 2008, midnight
Download Portalhttps://voidlinux.org/download/
Documentation Portalhttps://wiki.voidlinux.org/Main_Page
Development Portalhttps://github.com/void-linux
Distribution BaseIndependent/Original
Architectures32-bit ARM (AArch32) 32-bit PC (x86, IA-32) 64-bit ARM (AArch64) 64-bit PC (AMD64, Intel 64, x86_64)
Init Systemrunit
C Standard LibraryGNU C Standard Library (glibc) Musl (musl libc)
Distribution Default Package Format.xbps
Distribution Default Low Level Package Manager
Distribution Default Package Manager Database
Distribution Default CLI Binary Package Managerxbps
Distribution Default GUI Binary Package Manager
Distribution Default CLI Source Package Managerxbps-src
Distribution Default GUI Source Package Manager
Distribution Default Build Systemxbps-src


LogoDistribution Edition ScreenshotEditionRelease TypeRelease FrequencyDistribution BaseDesktop Environment
Void Linux [Default]RollingNoneIndependent/Original

Reviewed Releases

LogoRelease ScreenshotRelease NameRelease VersionRelease Distribution EditionRelease DateReview Publication DateReview Title
None20171007Void Linux [Default]Oct. 7, 2017May 24, 2018, 6 p.m.Void Linux 20171007 Review