Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux is an Arch based distribution that distinguishes itself by customizing many aspects of the Linux environment. Besides offering numerous highly customized desktop environments, it uses the fish shell as a login shell with a customized configuration that also uses the starship shell prompt. Other atypical choices focus on improving performance, include using the linux-zen kernel, using zram for swap instead of the common choice made by distributins to use a swap partition if available, and disabling CPU power saving settings in favor of "performance."

Garuda is also an early adopter of the btrfs file-system, viewed as some as the next standard Linux file system, replacing the current standard ext4. It uses btrfs's snapshot capabilities along with TimeSsift to allow rolling back the root filesystem to a previous state.

Estimated UsageUnknown
Inception YearNone
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Distribution BaseArch Linux
Architectures64-bit PC (AMD64, Intel 64, x86_64)
Init Systemsystemd
C Standard LibraryGNU C Standard Library (glibc)
Distribution Default Package Format.pkg.tar.zst
Distribution Default Low Level Package Manager
Distribution Default Package Manager Database
Distribution Default CLI Binary Package Managerpacman
Distribution Default GUI Binary Package ManagerPamac
Distribution Default CLI Source Package Manager
Distribution Default GUI Source Package Manager
Distribution Default Build Systemmakepkg


LogoDistribution Edition ScreenshotEditionRelease TypeRelease FrequencyDistribution BaseDesktop Environment
Garuda KDE Dragonized [Dr460nized]RollingNoneIndependent/OriginalPlasma

Reviewed Releases

LogoRelease ScreenshotRelease NameRelease VersionRelease Distribution EditionRelease DateReview Publication DateReview Title
None210621Garuda KDE Dragonized [Dr460nized]June 21, 2021Oct. 26, 2021, 6 p.m.Garudal Linux Review [KDE Dragonized (D460nized),210621]