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Using pyenv to Install a Specific Version of Python

Aug. 27, 2019, noon

GNU/Linux distributions provide recent versions Python as part of the default installation, and in fact, rely on the language to create many of the system tools used by the distribution. For users' Python development needs, the version provided by the distribution may not be appropriate for various reasons. Some distributions -- Fedora, for example, make it easier for users to obtain the version they need by including the Python version as part of the name ...


Co-Installing Zurb Foundation 5 and 6 on the Same Machine

May 1, 2017, 6 p.m.

The Zurb Foundation web front end framework is excellent, with advanced workflow automation tools and features. Unfortunately, development on new versions is quick and sometimes content management system plugins based on this framework -- like the Drupal theme modules -- sometimes don't move at the same pace. Or maintenance stops on a widely adopted version in favor of a new version, while the previous version is still essential to web developers and site operators. This might ...